About Recipes from a Small Kitchen

It’s hard to believe that I started to write this blog just over two years ago. I really enjoy the creative process of writing though I am not a professional writer, chef or photographer and I know it shows, but that’s OK. I love cooking for my family, it is a passion of mine so I thought why not merge the two. Over the years I have been often asked for recipes from friends and co-workers as I regularly loved to talk about the meals I made or recipes I had just discovered. So, a couple of years ago I decided to write a blog where I could share these recipes and my thoughts and memories for people to enjoy. I know I enjoy cooking probably more than the average person; for me it has been a journey and one that I enjoy sharing with people willing to listen. But where would I begin?

Over the last several years I would hear or read about people complaining that they didn’t have time to cook dinner and they would often feed their families fast food more evenings than I had ever imagined. I didn’t understand why, a trip for fast food was a special treat for our kids. It got me thinking about what I used to do to make nightly dinners happen. I remembered on Sunday mornings I would sit with my cup of tea, a note pad and pen and begin to create a menu for the week. Sometimes my meals were planned according to the weekly grocery circular. Does anyone besides myself do this anymore?

Sundays were often the day I would cook meals that were more involved and cooked over a few hours, a luxury I didn’t have during the week after work. I would cook several main dishes to carry the five of us through the week evolving the leftovers into casseroles and pasta dishes from what I had cooked. I would make meals in the Crock Pot, plus a large chicken, turkey breast or roast in the oven and a pot of some soup or maybe a pot of homemade pasta sauce on the stove. My husband would even pitch in and get a loaf of bread started in the bread machine for the weeks lunches. It could get a bit hectic but it paid off during the week with healthy meals for dinner on weeknights with little fuss. This was pretty much how I learned to cook. I joined recipe groups, and started to learn to take photos of the meals I made. I began filling my shelves with cookbooks and watching TV chefs for inspiration; something I continue to this very day.

Am I a great cook? No, not in the least but I managed to make some pretty delicious meals in my small kitchen and wanted to encourage others to try and do the same thing. A weeknight easy meal would take just as long as a trip back and forth to the local burger place. Maybe I could share what I managed to learn.

So these days our lives have changed. Our children are grown and moved on their own. It’s just the two of us and we have retired. I don’t bother with the Sunday cooking marathons like I use to but I sometimes still will make a major meal on the weekends. I still love to cook and I enjoy my little creative writing space though I sometimes take a break when I’m feeling less inspired. I hope you will enjoy this blog as it comes from my heart.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child